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Date Created1857
DescriptionKate Pickard acknowledges to Peter Still that she has not written to him for some time, although in the meantime she has learned news of him through Mr. Hamilton and Mr. May; updates Still on the...
Date Created1855
DescriptionKate Pickard, now at home, reports to Peter Still that the first half of the book about Still’s experiences is completed, but has not yet been read by Mr. May; notes that “Mr. Hall of Syracuse...
Date Created
DescriptionWilliam Still states that he has received news of the recipient, Peter Still, through the latter’s letter sent via the Rev. Samuel J. May (whom William regards as likely to be of great service in...
Date Created1853
DescriptionWilliam Still notes that he has not written to the recipient, his brother Peter Still, for some time due to uncertainty regarding Peter’s location; includes a letter of the Rev. S.J. May of Syracuse...
Date Created1855
DescriptionKate Pickard reports that William Still met with Mr. May recently while traveling to Canada; notes that she would like Peter Still to visit her soon (perhaps even when William Still comes back from...
Date Created1860-1869
DescriptionThe carte de visite was a type of small photograph mounted on a thick paper card, usually the size of a calling card, making it easily tradeable among friends and visitors. It was popular through the...
Time PeriodCivil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Date Created1991-11-26
Date Created1991-09-20
Date Created1917-1919
Date Created1917-1919