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Date Created1917
Date Created1950
DescriptionArticle from University Affairs discussing changes to the campus landscape over the summer
Date Created1890-1930
DescriptionMap of Rutgers College, College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Date Created1909-1910
DescriptionA map of buildings that are owned by Rutgers College in New Brunswick, N.J. Shaded buildings are those owned by private individuals
Date Created1949
DescriptionHand drawn map of Rutgers University College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionThis is a small map depicting various points of interest in the New Brunswick area surrounding the train station
Date Created1892-1938
DescriptionA pictoral map of Rutgers University looking west along the length of the Raritan River
Date Created1969
DescriptionA maps of the five year development plans for Douglass College and the the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; both are part of Rutgers University located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Time PeriodContemporary America (1968-present)
Date Created1947
DescriptionHand drawn and written map of two sections of Newark, New Jersey depicting the Rutgers University College of Pharmacy and the proposed Law Center. Creatd June 1947 with revisions Sept. 21, 1956 and...
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1962
DescriptionA map of Douglass College, part of Rutgers University, loacted in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The map shows the location of the Institute of Management and Labor Relations Labor Education Center.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)