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Date Created1894
DescriptionA wagon proclaims “P. W. Lindabery, dealer in fine groceries, Pottersville, NJ”. Note the man on a bicycle holding a baby.
Time PeriodThe Industrial Revolution (1870-1900)
Date Created1905
DescriptionThis 1905 receipt was written for wheat bran and paper [illegible] purchased for 98 cents by S. Wortman from George W. Hildebrant, “Wholesale and Retail Dealer in and Manufacturer of Grain, Flour,...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1932
DescriptionThis 1932 receipt was written for cement and sand purchased for $28.19 by V. Hoffman from Wortman Mills, dealer in flour, feed, grain, fertilizer and coal in Pottersville.
Time PeriodThe Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)
Date Created1922
DescriptionThis 1922 receipt is for gasoline purchased on 7 occasions, for a total of $15.86. The gas was purchased by Vernon Wortman from the Black River Garage, Pottersville. The proprietor, H. Fields, also...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1913
DescriptionThis 1913 receipt documents a purchase of cement and [meat scrape?] for $7,50 by Vernon Wortman from William J. Moore, a dealer in Lehigh and Wilkes Barre Coal.
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1900
DescriptionPortions of the Pottersville Store, aka "The Old Trading Post," are said to date from Indian times. The photograph is from the collection of Dorothy Metzler.
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1946
DescriptionCorner of Market and Colt Streets as viewed from the upper floor of the City Hall at 155 Market Street, circa 1946.
Time PeriodPostwar Years (1945-1970)
Date Created1905
DescriptionH.B. Kitay's Furniture and Clothing House, 15 North Main Street, with horse-drawn delivery cart. In 1908, the store was noted, in "Paterson Illustrated" to be "one of the largest and best known...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1903
DescriptionNew building of Schoonmaker & Company, Clothing Store, 225-233 Main Street, circa 1903. Workmen are removing the white wash on the ground floor windows. Notice the graffiti on the windows. This was...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)
Date Created1952
DescriptionLower downtown shopping district looking up Broadway from the intersection with Main Street, circa 1952. Sylvette's shop for ladies coats and dresses stands on the right at 120 Main Street. It was...
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930)