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AuthorGowaskie, Joseph
Date Created1996
DescriptionWorkers in New Jersey History by Joseph Gowaskie. New Jersey History Series No. 6. Includes bibliographical references. Published by the New Jersey Historical Commission.
AuthorSchwartz, Joel
Date Created1997
DescriptionThe Development of New Jersey Society by Joel Schwartz. Number 10 in the New Jersey History Series. Published by the New Jersey Historical Commission.
AuthorGreene, Larry A.; Gunther, Lenworth
Date Created1996
DescriptionThe New Jersey African American history curriculum guide is a resource for New Jersey high school teachers who wish to incorporate African American experiences into their teaching of U.S. history. The...
Date Created1988
DescriptionThis introduction describes six primary sources regarding the settlement of the New Sweden Colony in New Jersey. The collection of Primary Source Materials was compiled by the New Sweden Commemorative...
AuthorPrintz, John
Date Created1644
DescriptionGovernor Johan Printz reports the 1644 status of the New Sweden Colony (now present-day New Jersey) to the Queen of Sweden. He provides accounts of remaining supplies, trade relations with other...
AuthorPrintz, Johan
Date Created1647
DescriptionGovern Johan Printz, the governor of New Sweden (later to become New Jersey), reports on the status of the colony and the settlers. Many freemen have arrived to settle in New Sweden, but the...
AuthorBogaert, Johannes
Date Created1655
DescriptionJohannes Bogaert, Dutch clerk of New Amsterdam (present-day New York), reports to Holland on the Dutch takeover of New Sweden. He accounts how the Dutch travelled to New Sweden and took over Fort...
AuthorRising, Johan
Date Created1655
DescriptionGovernor Johan Rising reports to the Swedish government and royalty on the status of New Sweden (present-day New Jersey). He also reports on other Swedish colonies in the area. He asks that single...
AuthorRising, Johan
Date Created1655
DescriptionGovernor Johan Rising of New Sweden reports to Sweden on the August 1655 Dutch attack on New Sweden's Fort Christina. The Dutch traveled from New Amsterdam (present-day New York) and easily captured...
AuthorWright, Giles, R.; Green, Howard L.; Parks, Lee R.
Date Created1987
DescriptionSchooling and education by Giles R. Wright with Howard L. Green and Lee R. Parks. Number 4 in the New Jersey Ethnic Life Series. Published by New Jersey Historical Commission.