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AuthorChernesky, Jason M.
Date Created2013
Degree Date2013-01
DescriptionAs AIDS proliferated in Newark, New Jersey through the 1980s, local AIDS-care advocates conceptualized AIDS in ways that reflected the disease’s impact on Newarkers. In reframing a problem that was...
AuthorKhalil, Deena
Date Created2012
Degree Date2012-05
DescriptionResearchers have demonstrated that schools with low-income and predominantly minority students, especially those in urban districts, have the most difficulty recruiting and retaining teachers. In...
AuthorHill, Diane
Date Created2012
Degree Date2012-05
DescriptionDuring the past decade, urban colleges and universities have been undergoing changes attributable to the reemergence of outreach initiatives. More recently, these outreach efforts have been...
AuthorSinger, Sean Daniel
Date Created2013
Degree Date2013-05
DescriptionThe Brick: Newark’s Artistic Inquiry into Urban Crisis reads Newark through its artists, through their biographies and oral histories, and through their work as texts, and reads its artists through...
AuthorRoberts-Semple, Dawn
Date Created2012
Degree Date2012-05
DescriptionAir pollutant concentrations vary with local meteorological conditions and can have deleterious effects on human health. This dissertation adapts an integrated approach to improve understanding about...
AuthorBlock, Steven
Date Created2012
Degree Date2012-05
DescriptionMotor vehicle theft costs the United States billions of dollars each year in direct and indirect losses. More specifically, vehicle theft in areas near borders and ports has been cited as a...
AuthorPiza, Eric L.
Date Created2012
Degree Date2012-05
DescriptionCCTV has become a mainstream crime prevention mechanism around the world. Despite the popularity of the technology, evidence of CCTV’s crime prevention capabilities is inconclusive. Little research...
AuthorAllen, Kellen
Date Created2013
Degree Date2013-05
DescriptionThis paper expands upon theories presented by John A. Lynn in Bayonets of the Republic and James McPherson in For Cause and Comrades, which focus on soldiers’ initial, sustaining, and combat...
AuthorGenao, Soribel
Date Created2010
Degree Date2010
DescriptionAn increasing concern in public administration is the development of effective collaborative approaches to public problems through partnerships between government, private and nonprofit organizations....
AuthorNeeley, Alexander J.
Date Created2018
Degree Date2018-05
DescriptionAmerican foreign policy has drastically changed since September 11, 2001. In the decade before that date America was engaged in a series of smaller conflicts, but nothing sustained over a long period...