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Date Created1950-09-09
DescriptionExcerpts from the testimony of Mrs. Lenora B. Willette presented at the Commission on Migratory Labor Hearings held in Trenton, New Jersey, on September 5th and 6th, 1950. Mrs. Willette testifies to...
Date Created1946
Description"Newer cinder block type of migrant housing" Caption from page of photo. Sign in photo reads "State of New Jersey, Dept of Labor, No. 4, 9-17-46"
Date Created1946
Description"Another farm camp frame type." Caption from back of photo. Sign in photo reads: "State of New Jersey, Dept of Labor, No. 6, 9-17-46"
Date Created1950
Description"An approved privy" Caption from back of photo.
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionAfter picking string beans, boys bring the baskets full of beans to be weighed so that they may be paid.
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionChildren get on a truck after having picked lima beans and peppers during the morning.
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionChildren pick string beans on an industrialized truck farm circa 1930s.
Date Created1930-1939
Description"Salvatore, aged 12, helping his father pick tomatoes at 5 cents a basket. He picked 30 baskets from 7AM to 4PM and expects to quit at 6PM - a 10 hour day." Caption from back of photo.
Date Created1930-1939
DescriptionYoung children stoop while picking produce in the rain.
Date Created1950
DescriptionA new migrant camp under construction circa 1950.