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Date Created1942
DescriptionPaul (Paolo) LaTorraca emigrated from Naples, Italy, on the Calabria vessel, and arrived at Brooklyn's Pier 29 in New York City, on May 15, 1908. He settled in Newark, New Jersey, where his sister,...
Date Created1868
DescriptionOrphan's Court filing submitted by "Proctor of Exceptants" in which some of the heirs of Stephen Vreeland dispute charges in the executor's account of the estate. Detailed list of disputed charges...
Time PeriodCivil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Date Created1866
DescriptionDivision of the property of Stephen Vreeland agreed to by his children and grandchildren. There are no fewer than eight different lots or houses described, as well as shares in two mortgages, stock...
Time PeriodExpansion and Reform (1801-1861)
Date Created1868
DescriptionAccounting of the fairly substantial estate of Stephen Vreeland, fifth generation Dutch American and the first of his line to live his life entirely after independence. Detailed list of monies paid...
Time PeriodCivil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)
Date Created1761
DescriptionHandwritten reproduction of "1761 Tenancy Agreement of John Harris" for The Manor of Sutton Court in the County of Middlesex.
Time PeriodColonization and Settlement (1585-1763)
Date Created1913
DescriptionA copy of the certificate of incorporation of Temple Sholom. This copy of the original 1913 certificate was made in 1973 by the county court in Elizabeth.
Time PeriodThe Emergence of Modern America (1890-1930), Contemporary America (1968-present)
Date Created1835
DescriptionPublic notice that freeholders of Bergen County intend to submit application to Superior Court of Common Pleas for permission to hire six surveyors to lay out five new roads in New Barbadoes Township....
Time PeriodExpansion and Reform (1801-1861)
Date Created1688
DescriptionDeed for a part of the land of the late Englebert Steehuijs, first schoolteacher in New Jersey, sold by executors to Gerritt Gerrittsen. Handwritten original in Dutch, with typed transcription and...
Time PeriodColonization and Settlement (1585-1763)
AuthorToers, Claes Arentse
Date Created1694
DescriptionDocument in which Hilletje Jans, widow, asserts that she has leased a tract of land to her son in law Jan Arianse Sip, and agrees to continue the lease until her death, at which point all of her land...
Date Created1827-1849
DescriptionSeries of deeds and emendations, from 1827 to 1849, by which Cornelius Van Vorst sold additional land to William Colgate, adjoining the "new factory now erecting." The Colgate Company was among the...
Time PeriodExpansion and Reform (1801-1861)