Cornelius Van Vorst, ca.1620; 
Jersey City Free Public Library; Grover Cleveland Political Cartoon; 
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historical Site Collection Peter Lee, former slave, ca.1880; 
Hoboken Historical Photographs Collection; Farm Map of Hillsboro, Somerset County, 1860; 
Historical Maps of New Jersey Collection; Bathing Beauties, 1890-1930; 
American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark Collection; Flag Salute, 1950; 
Seabrook Farms Collection;
Educational Modules and Lesson Plans: New Jersey Culture and History
New Jersey Culture and History
Around and About New Jersey - New Jersey Historical Commission - Materials for Teachers
Students interpret source materials and interact with New Jersey history through games and activities in the following educational modules: Howell Living History Farm, Silk City, the Lenape Village at Waterloo, the Still Family Reunion, the Underground Railroad, Thomas A. Edison National Historic Site, the State House Tour, Morristown National Historical Park, Roosevelt, NJ, New Jersey Legacy, Fortunes in Furs, The Two New Jerseys, Royal Rule and Religious Revival, The Republican Rebellion, Mechanics and Monopolies, Vistas of Democracy, A State of Many Nations: the Public and Parochial Schools.

Continuing Traditions, Adapting to Changes - New Jersey Historical Society  [Grades 5-8]
In this lesson plan, middle school students 'explore how and why Italians and Italian Americans in New Jersey (with Trenton as a case study) continued traditions from Italy and adapted them as they assimilated into United States culture.'

History of Science and Technology - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
According to Paul Israel, 'from from malleable iron and canned tomatoes to the transistor and antibiotics, New Jersey has a remarkable record of achievement in science and technology. It remains today a center of innovation, with the highest concentration of scientists in the nation and a ranking of fourth among states in the amount of money spent on research and development.' This website explores issues and developments in science and technology from research breakthroughs to resulting pollution in industries such as the New Jersey iron plantations and the textile mills of Paterson. Scientific and industrial leaders like Selman Waksman, the 'father of antibiotics' and John Roebling, the maker of the Brooklyn Bridge, are also explored. Questions and challenges engage the student in critical issues surrounding science and industry, such as the challenge to address the problem of Newark's polluted water supply.

Jersey Homesteads - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
Founded in 1936, through the assistance of the New Deal's subsistence program, Jersey Homesteads was a 'grand experiment' in cooperative living. Today, it is the only community that is'in its entirety'a national historic site. Learn the history and issues surrounding one of the U.S. most famous and ambitious 'utopias' through digitized source materials and then 'test your knowledge' through the student challenge quiz.

John Basilone, Hero - New Jersey Historical Society  [Grades 9-12]
John Basilone was a decorated World War II hero from New Jersey who gave his life for his country at Iwo Jima. In this lesson plan, students explore what it means to be a war hero'what are the characteristics that war heroes share, how are they recognized and honored? Students also learn to read and interpret biographical information on the web and to describe an historical event.

Mass Culture and Consumerism in the 20th Century - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
This module is subdivided into three topics: Advertising and the Consumer Movement, Child Labor in New Jersey, and the Growth of Suburbia. New Jersey, as one of the most populous, ethnically diverse and industrially advanced states is a microcosm of the forces for industrial and cultural change that shaped the 20th Century. This module immerses students in the manufacturing and consumer revolution through source documents and thought-provoking discussions.

New Jersey African American History Curriculum Guide: Grades 9-12 - New Jersey State Library  [Grades 9-12]
This unique educational resource, consisting of 15 modules tracing the African-American experience from earliest times to the present, is 'the first curriculum resource available to New Jersey high school teachers that weaves the strands of the American, black American, and black New Jersey pasts into a common thread.'

New Jersey in the Civil War - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
This website is subdivided into six topics: Horrors of War, Opposing Viewpoints, Patriotic Contributions from New Jersey People, Battles, Ellis' Letters, NJ Women and the War. The controversy and complexity of the bloodiest and most crucial conflict ever to confront the U.S. is thoroughly explored through source documents and provocative discussion questions and other activities.

New Jersey Historical Commission - Materials for Teachers
Includes a topical guide to materials for teaching New Jersey history in elementary, middle and high schools and classroom lessons and activities developed for use with the NJHC's two television series--Around and About New Jersey and New Jersey Legacy.

New Jersey's Role in the American Revolution - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
The struggle between loyalists and revolutionaries and the critical Battle of Monmouth come vividly to life through carefully selected source documents. The titanic struggle that gave birth to a nation is made vivid and relevant to students through provocative discussion questions.

New Jersey History
An essay and timeline with embedded links to useful primary resources on New Jersey History.

Paul Robeson - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
His name graces a street in Princeton and a Library at Rutgers University. This website explores one of the most important and prominent citizens in a state that has produced many American leaders. The many facets of Paul Robeson are explored: the youth, scholar/athlete, performer and activist. Students are invited to consider the continuing influence and importance of Robeson in the 21st Century.

A Place to Call Home: Italian Immigration and New Jersey - New Jersey Historical Society  [Grades 5-8]
In this lesson plan, middle school students learn to read a chart/map, interpret immigration patterns, and appreciate the contributions Italian immigrants have made to the life and culture of New Jersey.

Social Protest in the 1960s and 1970s - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 7-12]
The United States in the 1960s and 1970s experienced tremendous social upheavals. Students in universities embraced activism on behalf of civil rights for African Americans, the 18 year old vote and an end to the Vietnam War. Rutgers University students were vocal and enthusiastic participants in the protest movements of the 60s and 70s. This website explores Rutgers student activism through campus newspaper articles, posters and flyers. In this website, students are immersed in the social activist experience as 'sophomores' at Rutgers University having to make personal choices about their own commitment to these societal issues.

World War II and NJ - Electronic New Jersey  [Grades 5-8]
'This website was designed to tell the stories of men and women, places and events, that took place during World War II in New Jersey by using the resources of the Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives.' Discussion questions in each section explore issues such as New Jersey women in WWII, the role of Camp Kilmer, and Civil Defense in New Jersey towns.

Lesson Plans Collections

Educators' Reference Desk: Lesson Plans
The Educators' Reference Desk includes lesson plans that can be searched by keyword or browsed by topical category.

Electronic New Jersey: A Digital Archive of New Jersey History
"This site is designed for the in-depth study of New Jersey history. The eight topical modules currently available were chosen after careful review of a range of sources available in the Special Collections and University Archives of the Rutgers University Libraries, Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Instructional activities accompany the digital sources located in each topical module...Hunterdon Central Regional High School and the Spotswood School District were the first two public school districts to partner with the Rutgers University Libraries in developing Electronic New Jersey. Bridgewater-Raritan High School and the East Brunswick Schools joined the project in 1998 while the Northern Burlington Regional Schools and North Brunswick Township Schools were added to the project consortium in 2000. The Flemington-Raritan Regional, Readington Township and Freehold Regional School districts joined the project in 2003."

GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials
A catalog of thousands of educational resources available via the Web. GEM may directly searched or browsed by subject, type, level, keywords, mediator, beneficiary, or price code.

Large collections of Lessons for Multiple Social Studies Subjects
A very comprehensive website with links to lesson plans, activities, teaching strategies, and teacher resources, grouped broadly by social studies and also within sub-disciplines, such as Civics, Current Events, etc. A “one stop shop” for the busy educator.

The Learning Page – The Library of Congress
Lesson plans utilizing prmary source material from the Library of Congress American Memory Project.

MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
A resource primarily for teachers and students in higher education, MERLOT provides learning materials annotated with peer reviews and additional assignments. The resource collection may be browsed by broad topic or searched by keyword.

Teachers.Net Lesson Bank
A collaborative site where teachers can find lesson plans and activities, submit lessons for others to use and request lessons. Lesson Plans by Topic and Theme
A large collection of lesson plans by theme and topic, subdivided by grade level.

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