Cornelius Van Vorst, ca.1620; 
Jersey City Free Public Library; Grover Cleveland Political Cartoon; 
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historical Site Collection Peter Lee, former slave, ca.1880; 
Hoboken Historical Photographs Collection; Farm Map of Hillsboro, Somerset County, 1860; 
Historical Maps of New Jersey Collection; Bathing Beauties, 1890-1930; 
American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark Collection; Flag Salute, 1950; 
Seabrook Farms Collection;
New Jersey Digital Highway - Grant Abstract

The New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH) is a statewide repository and collaborative portal among cultural heritage information providers in NewJersey: libraries, museums, archives, historical societies, public broadcasting stations, and schools. The portal is designed to serve the state in several key areas:

  • A rich, diverse collaborative collection of New Jersey history and culture digital resources.
  • A solid digital preservation program, combining rigorous digitization strategies with sophisticated storage and access technologies. This approach insures that materials are available 24/7 and maintained in perpetuity.
  • An innovative metadata implementation that provides a full METS (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard) metadata record for each resource. METS metadata includes descriptive, technical and administrative metadata to describe, organize and manage each digital resource.
  • A FEDORA (flexible extensible digital object repository architecture) infrastructre, which combines support for digital objects organized via METS. FEDORA is particularly innovative in the association of "behaviors" (procedures or applications) with objects. An example of a behavior is the dynamic application of a watermark when a user downloads or prints an image. A behavior can be an argument that tests for a condition and calls another procedure, e.g., search and retrieval of metadata via an education portal retrieves metadata mapped and displayed as the IEEE LOM (learning object metadata) schema.
  • An engaging web site to present all components of NJDH in an easy-to-use environment.
  • Dynamic databases specific to each participating institution, which dynamically concatenate all metadata associated with a single institution, to support a key project goal of "Shared Access, Local Ownership."
  • Active participation by the education community (social science teachers and high school students) to develop lesson plans and educational activities. The NJDH project will develop an easy-to-use "educators' tool kit," with templates and menu-driven applications to quickly assemble activities and lesson plans from the digital objects in the NJDH.

The project will develop an engaging, immersive “collaborative” collection organized around the theme, "The Changing Face of New Jersey," an exploration of the rich immigration history and culture in the state.

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