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Cornelius Van Vorst, ca.1620; 
Jersey City Free Public Library; Grover Cleveland Political Cartoon; 
Grover Cleveland Birthplace Historical Site Collection Peter Lee, former slave, ca.1880; 
Hoboken Historical Photographs Collection; Farm Map of Hillsboro, Somerset County, 1860; 
Historical Maps of New Jersey Collection; Bathing Beauties, 1890-1930; 
American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark Collection; Flag Salute, 1950; 
Seabrook Farms Collection;

Privilege or Duty
Is voting a privilege or a duty?
Before studying the documents below, express your own personal feelings
  1. When was the last time you took part in an election of any kind?
  2. What was the result?
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Frederick Douglas Quote
"No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck." Frederick Douglas, October 22, 1883
Abraham Lincoln Quote
"I go for all sharing the privileges of the government who assist in bearing its burdens. Consequently, I go for admitting all whites to the right of suffrage who pay taxes or bear arms (by no means excluding females)." Abraham Lincoln, 1836
  1. Why are young people encouraged to vote when they turn 18?
  2. According to the document Man’s Government by Man, what are the characteristics of a "Man's Government By Man?" Please be specific.
  3. According to the document Man’s Government by Man, what are the characteristics of a "government by women?" Please be specific.
  4. How would you characterize our government today? Why? Please be specific.
Answer the central questions, please be specific.
  • Is voting a privilege or a duty?
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