Cornelius Van Vorst, ca.1620; 
Jersey City Free Public Library; Farm Map of Hillsboro, Somerset County, 1860; 
Historical Maps of New Jersey Collection; An Afternoon at Atlantic Gardens, Elysian Fields, Hoboken, NJ 1851; 
 Atlantic Gardens (Hoboken); Bathing Beauties, 1890-1930; 
American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark Collection; Flag Salute, 1950; 
Seabrook Farms Collection; Kalmyk dancers; 
Photo by David Sanderson; 
Courtesy of RU Press;

“Digitization and preservation are neither identical nor in conflict…”

John Beekman, Jersey City Free Public Library, comments on his experience creating a digital collection in NJDH…

The implication that digitization is a form of or substitute for preservation, or that there is a zero-sum game in which digitization are in conflict, does not match our experience with NJDH.

Read the article in: New Jersey Libraries, Fall 2008.